Christmas kick-off ;)

Hi, it’s me, Diana 🙂 I’d like to share with you a new experience or rather the joy of being a teacher of an 8-year old student. Yesterday during our usual English class we were working on the Christmas Carol – Silent Night… Why Silent Night? And why so early? – you may ask. Well the secret is: the boy, or rather a young man, is learning to play the guitar and right now he is practicing the Silent Night carol on it. He has such a passion for it. For both the guitar playing and the Silent Night. We were working with the vocabulary and the pronunciation as well as singing together the carol several times. I have got some nice Christmas materials for Children, that you can see below:

It is such a joy to work with this young student as well as practicing Silent Night together. Already!

Uczymy się do egzaminu ósmoklasisty!

Już wkrótce egzamin 8-klasisty. Każdy stara się jak może. Wiadomo, są wzloty i upadki. Ale najważniejsze, by uwierzyć, że marzenia mogą stać się rzeczywistością.

Na zdjęciach siostry Marysia i Małgosia Borkowskie.

Happy Passover!

It is easy and at the same time hard to explain why we celebrate Easter that is actually a Passover…

Here is some explanation of mine:

If you follow all that happened in the New Testament of the Bible and then read the Old Testament that includes the Torah and then see it in the light of the New Testament, you will discover that Jesus is the awaited Messiah as well as our Passover: passing from death to life, from the darkness to the light, from the slavery to freedom…

So, I wish you this Freedom for the forthcoming Passover!



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Titanic – Let’s pray for Peace!

Czuję się trochę jak na tonącym Titanic’u, gdzie orkiestra grała do końca. Siedzę tu i pracuję, próbuję żyć, gotuję jedzenie, a walka się toczy. O dobro. Boże, co będzie z tym Światem?

I was thinking for a while, what I should write, what I should do. Is it enough to have Ukrainian flag on my site, I don’t know. This war touches all of us, free and peaceful people. It is all in God hands.

Let’s pray for Peace!